Friday, May 11, 2007

My Mind Is A Blank Canvas....

Coming up with something that can be described as mildly-interesting to write about can be tough... today is one of those days.

I have so many ideas of things to write about yet I can't figure out which at the moment. If I force myself to write about one of them it will come out rushed and will be a boring read.

I do, however, have a go-to topic that never seems to fail... The Weirdness that is the state of California.

There are some interesting things going on out here this week...

-Griffith Park is on fire

-Catalina is on fire

-It was 90 two days ago and it is 70 today thanks to the always lovely Marine Layer that swoops in and confuses the hell out of you when you are getting dressed in the morning... "Jeez, look out that window... it's cloudy and looks really cold, I should go with long sleeves..." 2 hours later "Holy crap it is hot out! I am sweating my balls off here.... "

-A client of mine walked into her home to find a mentally unstable 19yr old man 2 days in a row, who had broken into her home and smashed the crap out of it... oh and he was wearing all of her and her daughter's underwear too. You can read more about this one by click here San Diego Union Tribune - Burglar Story

-A few days later (referring to the above story), Ike Turner showed up at her home and gave her son a signed Fender to replace his guitar that was smashed... ... ... Ike Turner?? Apparently he is an extremely nice gentleman according to my client, and a resident of a town right nearby her town.

See... California always has something interesting going on...

Hopefully I will have some pictures for you next week after I host a beer pong tournament tomorrow...

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