Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Today's Edition of You Make the Call (queue 80's sports music)

I play basketball in the mornings before work, two days a week. Those days are Wednesday and Friday for anyone looking to plan their schedule accordingly. Me and a few co-workers have been doing this for about a year now and it provides great joy to our weekly routine.

Today was a little different though...

About halfway through our on-going playoff series, a janitor for the gym (I won't tell you which, but there are 24 hours in a day and they are supposedly open for all of them...) was told to come in and start cleaning off the backboards of the surrounding courts.

These courts are in play of the main court we use for our game so the guy as sort of in our way when washing two of the baskets.

That was not the annoying part however... the water from the backboard dripped onto the court and caused one of the players (Let's use the name Disco Dave) to take a good spill to the floor. Of course being the asshole that I am, my first instinct is to laugh because I can clearly see that he is alright... but our second instinct is to be pissed at this janitor fellow. Disco Dave threw out a few swears and we went back to playing our games.

Now I ask you... who is more at fault here: The janitor for not taking the initiative to realize we are playing and he will probably be in the way... or... the manager who told him to go wash the backboards at 7:30 in the morning even though the gym will be a ghosttwon from 9am until lunch time?

I say the manager because, yes the janitor was just following orders, but the manager should have realized that perhaps the morning is what may be referred to as a "peak hour" for gym members to get in a workout.

You could argue that this could simply have gone to clean something else and then come back later but I feel that he doesn't get paid well enough to have to make "split" decisions like that.

After we were done playing, Disco Dave went over and apologized to the man for swearing which was a nice move and the guy said he didn't mind... at least we think he thought this is what he said... I still think Dave could have gone and made a little complaint to the manager perhaps to get his or her head out of their toned ass (I would assume toned since they manage a gym right?).

On a side note... I am really good at shooting a basketball...

Thank you good night...

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