Thursday, April 5, 2007

Excuse Me Sir, Do You Have The Time? Why Yes, It's About $5,000.

Is there something wrong with me?

I really like watches. I think they are an accessory that is very nice and functional at he same time. It is not as pointless as general jewelry, it actually serves a purpose.

However... the watches that I want to purchase cost ridiculous amounts of money and therefore I cannot afford them.

Is it really necessary to have a watch of this caliber? Do I need a $7,000+ Breitling Montbrilliant Olympus? Do I need to also have a $6,380 Jacob&Co Five Time Zone Watch?

The quick answer is no... (ask my fiance, she will tell you the same answer)

I cannot afford one, nor do I need one.

But I WANT one.

Now, does this make me crazy? Say I do have the money some day and can afford one of these watches... will I be stupid for buying one?

I say NO.

The watch works just like a $15 Casio watch sure... but it also does more than that.

When you look down on your wrist, you will be reminded that you have put in a lot of hard work and succeeded in life financially. Financial success in our culture is a very important thing whether you agree with it or not, and this says to you as well as those around you, that you are doing something right.

As long as you aren't a douche bag about owning an expensive watch, you can afford to purchase it, and you appreciate it... where is the harm?

Maybe my brain is getting too much "Orange County" stimulation (my co-worker, and office mate, is looking at Breitlings on his computer as we speak...) and I need to come back to my senses... or maybe I just need to keep working hard so I can look down and see that $5,000-$10,000 worth of happiness shining back at me?

What do you think?


Grahammy Ham said...

nice watches are like nice women. they aren't very common, and they both look great on your arm (or wrist.)

Anonymous said...

Saying a nice watch works the same as a $15 Casio is somewhat of a misnomer, theres a big difference between a quartz movement (most quartz are about the same, I'm looking at you Movado), and actual wond movements (either kinetic or manual). Almost like saying a 2 stroke motorcycle motor is the same thing as a Ferrari engine. Watches aren't just pretty to look at, theres some serious engineering behind those suckers.

Don Law said...

That is a great point and I was going to get into that... but I figured I would have a lot more people (out of the 5 that read this blog...) arguing against that point.

You are 100% right though...

great comparison between the engines as well...

I love ellipses...