Monday, April 16, 2007

A Martini Or A Cannoli?

A friend posed this question the other night (while we were drinking)...

Would you rather be Tony Soprano or James Bond (the most recent Daniel Craig variation)?

To me, the answer is easy. I would much rather be James Bond.

Here is why:

  • He drinks like a fish yet is able to remain classy and charming.
  • He gets to drive the most amazing cars in the world
  • He gets to drive the most amazing women in the world
  • He is always traveling to the most amazing locations all over the globe
  • He has a license to kill

Those are the first few reasons that spring to mind.

My friends reasoning for being Tony Soprano is very simple. He feels that Tony is able to enjoy the finer things in life just like James, but he doesn't have to travel like Bond. He does not need to work as hard for what he has at this point in his life. His favorite reason however, is that he can be rich, sleep with hot women, and still be able to look like a fat ass.

He has a decent point there. It would be nice to enjoy a great plate of pasta, some top shelf Chianti, and not worry about hitting the gym in the morning.

Ian Fleming may not have written it in to the stories, but there is no way James Bond looks the way he does without hammering the weight room (remember, Daniel Craig not Timothy Dalton or Roger Moore...) every day that he is not on an assignment.


A jet-setting spy or a mob boss whose turf is part of New Jersey? That is an easy call to me... I will take my toned body, 2007 Aston Martin DB9, and a Vesper waiting for me at the bar...

... the drink and the girl.

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