Friday, March 30, 2007

The Quick Hitter List: Volume 1

The Quick Hitter List: Volume 1

-I went to school with a young lady who had no arms. She was this way from birth. The really interesting part is that she could write… with her feet… Now she didn’t just write clearly… she had beautiful handwriting (footwriting?). I grew up using my hand to write and she grew up using her foot… and her penmanship is outstanding whereas mine is merely passable. The incredibly interesting part is that she has a driver’s license and steers with her foot as well. She is an amazing person and I hope you all feel less capable for reading that… unless of course you have 1 leg and no arms and can do all that… then you can be her hero.

-I went to a high-end car dealership with a co-worker the other day. It was our lunch break and he wanted to see how much it would cost for him to lease a new Porsche Cayman. He was leaning towards this car because, while it is indeed a Porsche, it is not as expensive as a 911 or a Cayenne. We got to the dealership and we quickly found out that a Carrera that is anywhere from a 1999 up to about a 2001, is actually cheaper than the Cayman… has more leg room, is a million times more fun to drive, and holds it value much better. This fascinates me because Porsches have always been my favorite car growing up and therefore have always seemed so out of reach. Yet, someday I could find myself sitting in the driver’s seat of a 911 (albeit one that is 6 years old and has 40,000 miles on it). The sad (very Orange County California) part of the story is that my co-worker friend does not own his home. He rents it. So he will be renting a home with a Porsche out front. Would you rather drive a Honda now and be paying a mortgage on a property that you own OR be paying rent and have a really nice car out front? I am a car fanatic yet I will own property before I buy a Porsche… (or so my fiancĂ© thinks….)

-I am going to Vegas in 2 months. I will be attending a historic “Double Bachelor Party”, that involves friends from both sides of this country. East meets West in Vegas. I am looking forward to it as Vegas is one of my favorite cities in the world. However, upon closer examination it is the most ridiculous and inane place you can go. I am paying the hotel/casino owners stupid amounts of money so I can play simple games…. And I love every second of it. Why do we think it is OK to lose $500 in a game of blackjack, but we may make fun of a friend who just purchased a $200 pair of jeans. His jeans will last for a year at least, but my $500 lasted 30 minutes… and I am now drunk and alone because my friends still have chips and you can’t stand and watch them or you kill their table karma. Does that sound like fun to you? I love Vegas and I can’t wait… VEGAS!


Grahammy Ham said...

Whilst I agree with your premise of owning a home prior to having a nice car -see matrix-that argument has lots of holes. For instance should you not eat out at restraunts or enjoy nice wines before you own a home? Why not work weekends too? S healthy balance in spending is all that is really necvessary. And to be honest, as you know as well as I do, you don't really own your home. You rent it from the bank. I want more stories about armless women. Also. If anyone needs someone to push them towards getting a ridiculous car it is me, and that guy I need is you

Don Law said...

i will be first in line to push you towards that Porsche...